Travel Discovery Collection

Limited Edition 4-piece Master of Glow Set featuring our most popular CellLift formulas for firming and smoothing.

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About the Set

Travel Discovery Collection Contains

CellLift Serum (15 ml)

CellLift Cream (15 ml)

CellLift Lotion Essence (30 ml)

Signature Cellcosmet Bag

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How To Use
  • Apply morning and night directly after cleansing.
  • First use the CellLift Lotion Essence.
  • Follow up with CellLift Serum.
  • Apply CellLift Cream to boost radiance.

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Clinical Results

CellLift Lotion Essence

  • 86% said skin is softer.
  • 81% reported a reduction in skin signs of fatigue.

CellLift Serum

  • 95% said skin felt firmer.
  • 90% said fine lines and wrinkles appear smoothed.

CellLift Cream

  • 91% said their complexion is more radiant
  • 85% said wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed.

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About the Set

Travel Discovery Collection

Travel Set of Best-Selling CellLift Formulas

CellLift Travel Discovery Collection A limited edition collection of our best-selling CellLift products including our CellLift Lotion Essence, CellLift Serum and CellLift Cream, enclosed in a white and gold thread makeup case for easy travel (The dimensions of bag are 8.20” x 2.28” x 5.43").


CellLift Lotion Essence (30 ml): A radiance-boosting cellular essence that firms the skin and is the first cellular step of your daily routine after using a daily cleanser and toner. Your skin is radiant, intensely revitalized, and smooth, the complexion is more luminous, refreshed and even. Your senses remain refreshed with the delicate rose floral water scent. In clinical studies, users felt their skin firmer, hydrated, dry skin soothed, and softer.


CellLift Serum (15 ml): Fast-acting, highly concentrated formula for plumping, firming, hydrating, and smoothing. Our most effective serum for age revitalization for men and women. CellLift Serum combines our proprietary CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts with high-performance actives to restore skin’s youthful vitality at the cellular level. Liposomal Hyaluronic Acid Complex binds substantial moisture for a visibly plumped up and smoother appearance. Peptides reinforce collagen and elastin, while Kombucha preserves skin’s microbiome. Skin looks visibly more vibrant and lifted after one application.


CellLift Cream (15 ml): Our richest and most potent formula for firming, hydrating, and lifting. CellLift Cream features the highest dose of our signature CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts that penetrate skin at the cellular level to support the natural production of collagen. Skin appears firmer and more lifted. With consistent daily use, CellLift Cream helps increase volume to visibly smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkle



Dermatologist Tested Clinically Tested Cruelty Free Perfect for All Skin Types
How To Use

Travel Discovery Collection

Perfect for all skin types morning and evening

Clinical Results


CellLift Lotion Essence

  • 86% said skin is softer*
  • 81% reported a reduction in skin signs of fatigue.
  • 76% said their complexion is more radiant.
  • 76% said smoother* skin
  • 71% said their skin has a more even complexion.

*Independent consumer study on 22 participants aged 44-60 over 28 days of usage.


CellLift Serum

  • 95% said skin felt firmer*
  • 90% said fine lines and wrinkles appear smoothed.
  • 90% said skin felt moisturized.
  • 90% said skin looked and felt revitalized.
  • 90% said skin looks more plumped.

*Independent Study of 21 volunteers, 56 days.


CellLift Cream

  • 100% said skin felt moisturized.
  • 91% said their complexion is more radiant.
  • 88% said my skin feels firmer.
  • 85% said wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed.
  • 91% said their complexion is more radiant.

*Independent Study of 33 volunteers, 56 days.



An exclusive proprietary ingredient, stabilized by the CellControl™ method, developed to ensure the highest efficacy of Cellcosmet cellular extracts. 

CytoPep™ is rich in proteins, peptides such as skin proteins of Collagen, Fibronectin, Actin, Keratin to hydrate and nourish for skin health, strength, and radiance at the cellular level.


An exclusive at Cellap Laboratoire composed of hyaluronic acids of various molecular weights

  • Generates an immediate smoothing’ effect
  • Plumps and intensely moisturizes the skin

Made from collagen and elastin from marine origin

  • Smooths skin
  • Leaves skin feeling more moisturized.

The mushroom of long life» in high concentrations

  • Smooths the skin surface
  • Evens skin texture


We formulate and manufacture our products in our own laboratory, respecting the strictest standards of quality, safety and effectiveness while exercising the greatest respect for the environment and the communities we serve.

Natural Ingredients

Our formulas contain in average up to 90% ingredients of natural origin.

Responsible Packaging

We use recycled materials produced in a sustainable manner.

Low Emissions

We optimize product transport by using trains, reducing Co2 emissions.