Learn More About Our Leading Women Scientists in Skincare

Learn More About Our Leading Women Scientists in Skincare

In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, at Cellcosmet, we are deeply committed to championing women in the field of science. Despite women comprising only around 33% of researchers worldwide, we've been at the forefront of this movement since our inception over 35 years ago, with women making up 80% of our research and development team today.

Our dedication to gender equality extends to leadership roles, where the majority of senior research positions at Cellcosmet are held by women, in stark contrast to the 18% of women in such roles across Europe, where Cellcosmet is headquartered. Hear from our female trailblazers in innovation, as they share their roles, inspirations, and how their passion for science is more than 'skin-deep’.


Based at our headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Sylvia began her career as a Medical Doctor before assuming the role of Chief of the Facial Cosmetic Department at a renowned beauty institute. Driven by her fervor for skincare, she joined Cellcosmet as an International Training Manager in 2009. With expertise spanning in skincare and the medical field, she educates skincare professionals, beauticians, and medical personnel on the latest advancements in Cellcosmet  products and skin care techniques. 

Dr. Silvia Girlea

Q. We want to learn a little more about why you pursued a career in science. 

Silvia: From a young age, I was immersed in an environment where curiosity and inquiry were nurtured. Growing up with both of my parents as medical doctors, I was constantly exposed to the wonders of science and medicine. Their dedication to helping others and their passion for understanding the intricacies of the human body deeply influenced my own career path. Witnessing the profound difference that skincare can make in restoring quality of life solidified my commitment to scientific exploration in this domain.

Q. What was the turning point that sparked your interest in science? 

Silvia: My time working as a medical doctor in the combustiology department, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of skincare in aiding recovery, healing and skin revitalization.
The realization that I could directly contribute to improving people's lives through innovative skincare solutions, whether it's helping someone regain their skin's health after trauma or empowering individuals to feel confident in their own skin, motivates me each day.

“Science, to me, is not just about uncovering facts and theories; it's about harnessing that knowledge to create real-world impact and enhance the quality of life for others.” 



Bringing a wealth of expertise Sabrina holds degrees in chemistry, cosmetics, formulation, and Colorimetry, and spearheads the reformulation of our skincare products, surpassing rigorous specifications and standards. She ensures the exacting procedural standards required to uphold   Cellcosmet’s unwavering commitment to exceptional product quality. 

Sabrina Claude

Q. Why did you pursue a career in science?

Sabrina: I was always a curious child who asked about everything. 

Chemistry and biology were my favorite fields at school, so, I have known early that I will specialize in science.

Q. What do you love about being a scientist at Cellcosmet?  

Sabrina: Working in product research and development allows me to design, innovate and improve products daily. These are all areas that quench my curiosity and thirst for learning.

Q. What inspires you each day?

“The opportunity to continually evolve or advance the science of products in cosmetics it's my dream job.”



Equipped with degrees in chemistry and a Master’s in Cosmetic Chemistry, Fanny joined Cellcosmet's research and development team in 2017 and now spearheads the brand's quest for excellence in cosmetic science. Leading the innovation division, Fanny pioneers the development of novel formulas and steers research initiatives to significantly enhance existing ones. Her division relentlessly explores uncharted skincare territories, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field.

Fanny Haguenauer

Q. We want to learn a little more about why you pursued a career in science?

Fanny: Fulfilling my curiosity has been the driving force behind my pursuit of a career in science. The ability to experiment with various combinations and conduct laboratory tests allows me to explore and satisfy my inquisitive nature in a tangible way. What captivates me most is the opportunity to innovate and play a role in shaping new skincare products. The dynamic nature of the field allows me to channel my passion into creating solutions for real people.

Q. What was the turning point that sparked your interest in science?

Fanny: While my aspiration was always to be a scientist, my interest in the world of cosmetics developed later in life. Initially torn between pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry, the allure of crafting a cosmetic product in just one day influenced my decision. I was drawn to cosmetics and the ability to witness the tangible impact that my efforts can have on the people that use Cellcosmet products. I find inspiration in the scientific precision and artistic expression that my role offers.

“My career is a testament to my dedication to discovery, breaking barriers, and making meaningful contributions in the pursuit of beauty and self-expression.” 

Q. What do you love about being a scientist at Cellcosmet?  

Fanny: What I love about being a scientist at Cellcosmet is, first and foremost, the familial spirit of this company and its core values. I consider myself fortunate to work as a scientist at parent company Cellap because it means having all the support needed to develop the best products. I am not restricted by any other limits than those of science. My sole directive is to create an effective product that resonates with our audience. 

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