Our Science

Swiss Precision Meets Cellular Science

Cellular cosmetics first appeared in Switzerland in the 1980s on the shores of Lake Geneva, inspired by medical experimentation conducted by Professor Paul Niehans, the founder of cellular therapy. Decades later, after extensive research, Cellcosmet has created the next evolution of cellular therapy with the CellControlTM method, which preserves the extraordinary power of bioengineered cellular extracts. These cellular extracts are found in all Cellcosmet skincare products and help to refresh, reenergize, and revitalize your skin.

Innovation for Every Skin Type

Cellcosmet products are the result of more than thirty years of research and development and are based on the latest scientific advances, including discoveries in cellular skincare and the skin microbiome.

New CytoPep™ Cellular Extract is twice as effective and at a higher concentration than previously developed cellular extracts. This means it provides even more revitalizing power to help maintain the skin barrier function, improve hydration, and boost overall skin health. Newly developed Postbiotics Complex, composed of three marine-origin ferments, increases radiance and protects skin from external elements.

Exacting Standards = Effective Skincare Created in Our Own Labs

In our laboratory the creation of new products is not driven by trends or a strict production schedule. Rather, we take the time necessary to produce high-performance, luxury skincare solutions for every skin type. The result? The most efficacious products, as informed by science and created by experts.