Our Story


The story of Cellcosmet starts on the picturesque shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, where founder Roland Pfister’s father—a pioneer in cellular science and longevity—opened a revitalization clinic. People from all over the world traveled to the clinic seeking to improve their health and wellbeing.

Pfister worked alongside his father at the clinic, where he immersed himself in cutting-edge cellular research. It was when a patient at the clinic inquired about the use of cellular therapy for the skin that changed the course of Pfister’s clinical pursuits. He found himself determined to apply cellular science to skincare. He was particularly interested in cellular vitality-–how a young, vibrant cell could reawaken a tired or stressed cell—which eventually led to his breakthrough.

Roland Pfister founded Cellap Laboratoire, where he collaborated with top researchers and scientists in his quest to revolutionize skincare. After five years of intense research and development, Pfister created one of the most groundbreaking cellular innovations: the CellControl™ method, our proprietary process that preserves the power of young, vibrant cellular extracts, stabilizing and maintaining their vital force.

From the creation of the CellControl™ method came a skin-revitalizing formula, which included yet another breakthrough: our signature cellular extracts, a proprietary blend of skin-regenerating proteins and peptides. Stabilized by the CellControl™ method to preserve its potency, this cellular extract vastly improved cellular energy, resulting in a visible renewal of the skin.

The skin-revitalizing formula, which was later named Ultra Vital, was initially available to patients at the clinic. In 1987, with the support of his wife Edith and stepson Alexandre Chappuis, Pfister introduced Cellcosmet: high performance skincare founded in cellular science, guided by Swiss quality and precision, and clinically proven to improve the vitality of skin.

Today, Cellcosmet continues to innovate with clincal advancements in cellular and cosmetic science. Most recently, our team of experts developed a next generation of our signature cellular extract. CytoPep™ Cellular Extract features higher concentrations of active ingredients for twice the skin-revitalizing power. They also created our Postbiotics Complex, made from marine origin ferments, to support skin’s protective barrier, as well as ​​preserve the balance and diversity of the skin’s microbiota, which is fundamental to achieving and maintaining healthy, revitalized skin.