Our Story

Decades of Cellular Research Dedicated to Products That Work

The passion of our founders, combined with Switzerland’s excellent reputation for technology, quality and precision, has resulted in the worldwide success of our skincare products.

About Our Founder

The Birth of Cellular Science

Working at his father’s revitalisation clinic on the shores of Lake Geneva, our founder, Roland C. Pfister, was steeped in medical research. There, his clinical pursuits led to the discovery of cellular therapy — based on the premise that a tired or stressed cell becomes revitalized when in contact with a young cell, and marking the start of the remarkable history of our laboratory in 1982. At his laboratory, Pfister further revolutionized the world of skincare by developing the CellControl™ method, which preserves the extraordinary powers of stabilized cellular extracts. And in 1987, with the support of his spouse Edith Pfister, he introduced the Cellcosmet brand, based on cellular science.

The pioneering spirit of the Pfisters still fuels the passion of our multidisciplinary teams, driving us toward new discoveries in skin revitalization and product personalization.