Skin regimens tailored to the needs of men

Skin regimens tailored to the needs of men

Elevate your grooming routine

Put simply, men and women’s skin is different in subtle but significant ways. The Cellmen line of products embraces these differences with solutions that address the needs and concerns for men’s skin..  

What Makes Men’s Skin Different?

The differences between men’s and women’s skin are driven predominantly by hormones, which leave men with a thicker epidermal layer and more active sebaceous glands. The result? A higher propensity for increased production of sebum, oiliness, and a predisposition to larger pores. 

Another hormonally induced difference involves the growth of hair — and, more to the point, the choice to shave. While shaving can be beneficial in terms of exfoliation, it can cause irritation. Understanding these differences is crucial when formulating effective skincare regimens tailored to men. Enter Cellmen products.

Best-Selling + Effective

Wash N’ Shave is a shaving foam and a cleansing product, which men can use in two ways—all over the face and neck. For cleansing purposes, it contains natural, apple- and coconut-based surfactants that remove excess sebum without dehydrating skin, and prepare it for any treatment that may be layered on top. For shaving, the light foam contains glycerin to soften the hair and help the razor glide smoothly against the skin. 

Face is formulated with a perfectly calibrated amount of CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts that respect the specific changes men’s skin goes through. These extracts are rich in peptides, proteins, collagen, enzymes, and amino acids, which are some of the key components of skin. The rich cream is instantly absorbed, making it ideal for use as a post-shave balm, nourishing, and strengthening the skin's protective barrier, guarding against damaging free radicals, and soothing razor burn.

Face Ultra is our pick for for when you’re starting to see the first signs of aging. It has an even higher concentration of cellular extracts than Face, so it’s highly revitalizing, firming, and hydrating. 

CellUltra Eye Serum-XT is designed to reduce dark circles and puffiness, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This superior men’s serum contains high potency cellular extracts as well as Swiss glacial water, which provides a refreshing effect. You will also appreciate the light, non-greasy texture of the serum. In fact, 93%of men reported a feeling of freshness upon application.*

*Independent laboratory tests on 30 men, aged 18-66, over 28 days.

Hand Cream Hard-working hands require a hard-working cream. This one has it all, from cellular extracts to prevent the signs of aging, to hydrating olive oil-derived squalene (a natural lubricant) and ceramides, to free radical-fighting antioxidants. It offers instant comfort without a trace of greasy residue.

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